Sojourners movie

It’s taken me a while to get this up but I couldn’t dismiss writing about the premiere of the movie, “Sojourners,” recently at Notre Dame Seminary.

            The event was packed, sold out in fact. Young, old and in between, including me, sat and laughed and were touched by the honesty of the young adults on an annual trip to Medjugorje with the Sojourners of the Burning Heart ministry.

            Sojouners musicians performed several songs, includinng the movie’s theme song, and filmmaker Steve Scaffidi and Sojourners of the Burning Heart moderator Tammy Dupuy gave a quick talk before the screening.

            “This is a story for all of us that are looking for more,” Dupuy said. “Our prayer for this movie is that it will spark a light and help people advance their prayer life and help people decided where they are going on their (faith) journey.”

            Archbishop Gregory Aymond was on hand to chat and take photos with teens and called the movie a “story of discipleship and responding to God’s call for discipleship.”

            I spotted groups from various high schools there. St. Mary’s Academy seniors Dominique Shelton and Gabrielle Trepagnier learned of the event from their teacher Laura Chance. They said they really didn’t know much about Medjugorje before, only heard tangentially about Mary appearing to people there. They were blown away by the movie.

            “It was really good,” Shelton said. It was eye-opening just seeing how much love you can experience in an area and the warming of hearts of those who were there. I’d like to go there. I want to feel what they felt – that joy that they experienced.”

            Scaffidi plans to take the movie on the road to Italy, Spain, London, California.

            “It’s taken on a life of its own,” Scaffidi said.

            Find the movie at

            Contact Dupuy about the Sojourners at or 289-3194.


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